Color Glo – Leather Upholstery for Office Furniture

Color Glo Can Repair, Restore and Rejuvenate All Your Office Furniture!

Leather Upholstery ColoradoKeep all your vinyl and leather office chairs longer and restore them to like-new status. We do all our repairs on site which eliminates any possible down-time for our customers and keeps your employees happy and productive.

On-Site Service

  • Property never leaves the customers site.
  • Convenient for our customer.
  • Eliminates customer down-time.
  • Property is always secure.

Cost Effective

  • The customer can realize huge cost savings compared with the alternative of replacement.

Restored Items Demand Higher Retail Values

  • Owners can expect higher re-sale prices with restored property.
  • Increases Potential Profit Margin.
  • Saves Insurance Dollars.
  • Valuable Partnership with Color Glo creates peace-of-mind knowing that items can be restored to new.

Permanent Lasting Repairs

  • Specially formulated proprietary water-based products used in this market.
  • Non-flammable and odorless.
  • Reconditioned items dry in minutes and can be used almost immediately.